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Contribute a Course:

VetICE, LLC provides a platform for veterinary institutions to share courses and other educational resources. The more courses VetICE has available the more valuable a resource it is to the veterinary medical education community. Therefore, we encourage schools to use VetICE as a delivery mechanism for their online courses.

To ensure usability by accredited institutions, VetICE only accepts courses created by AVMA-accredited veterinary schools. VetICE will set a standard for courses to be shared.

Your institution gets access to a broad audience for your course with minimal administration duties. VetICE gets a more robust course catalog. Students get access to a wider variety of veterinary courses and specialties.

Another Win-Win-Win situation!!

Contact us if your institution has a course you wish to share through VetICE. We can help you develop new courses, or modify existing courses to fit into the VetICE management system.