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Using a Course:

All of our courses have been authored by experts in their fields. Each course is designed to be modular in format, self-contained, in 1 credit blocks (15 content hours) or smaller. We can easily customize your course to fit your institution's needs.

VetICE-developed courses are high quality, engaging, and learner-centered. They are reference-based, incorporate veterinary relevant materials and cases, and have been peer reviewed. Each course is accompanied by a "teacher's manual" and a course summary to be used for review.

We construct our courses within Moodle, an open source, easy-to-use Course Management System. We chose Moodle because of its intuitive, simple format and the wide range of features available.

Shared courses are from AVMA-accredited institutions. The variety of the schools sharing their courses is reflected in the range of course styles and media.

Using a course with VetICE is easy because of our Centralized Hosting. This gives us consistency and control over quality of course presentation. It also give us the ability to ensure that content is available at all times on a reliable learning management system that we control.

Pricing for a VetICE course is based on a course materials fee charged on a "per head" basis. It can be paid for individually by a student (via credit card) or by an institution (via purchase order). Institutions can buy "seats" at a bulk rate. Fees for shared courses are set by the institution who owns the course.

To use a VetICE course, each institution will need to identify a faculty member of record for the course and obtain a course number from their own school. In this way, students will register for a course from their own institution and you don't have to deal with transfer credits or tuition issues.

Check our catalog today for courses that your institution can offer your students.