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Download the Veterinary Law and Ethics course overview. Veterinary Law and Ethics course overview

Veterinary Law and Ethics is a 1 credit course (15 hours) that teaches how the practice of veterinary medicine and a knowledge of law and ethics overlap, leading to improved patient care, happier clients and improved financial success while reducing client complaints that could result in medical, legal and public relations liabilities. Topics include Moral, Ethical, and Legal Decision Making; Animal law; Contract Law; The Law of Professional Negligence; and Medical Records.

Click on the images in the screenshots section below to get a glimpse of various course components. Click on the images in the lecture section to view video samples of selected course lectures.


Main course page The Echo 360 lecture playback system A small clipping of the handout download page Part of the course page showing some of the topics


Clip from the moral, ethical, and
legal decision making lecture
Clip from the animal law lecture Clip from the introduction to
medical record keeping lecture

User comments:

  1. What you don't know can hurt you, and will. Dr. Wilson's Veterinary Law and Ethics course is one of a kind and delivers valuable information no veterinary professional should be without. The material is presented with user friendly technology allowing you to pace the program to fit your learning style and schedule. Content is revealed with real world examples including veterinary case discussion, legal events, and historical news coverage along with handouts and various other presentation media to keep the course dynamic and engaging. Michael Jerva, VHMA CVPM Candidate, Practice Manager, Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, New York, NY.
  2. I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to complete the online Veterinary Law and Ethics course... I learned so much from each and every section of the course that I am now confident that when school is finished I will not only have the knowledge necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, I will also have the wisdom necessary to acquire a position as an associate veterinarian and the integrity and savvy necessary to build a strong client base with excellent staff and a profitable practice while serving as a valuable member of my community as well as the veterinary profession. Cynthia Miller, 2nd year veterinary student, Mississippi State. May, 2011.
  3. Veterinary law and ethics is an important topic and unfortunately many students don't realize that. I am a huge supporter of the program being in video format online. The content in all of the videos is well explained and the organization of the supplementary materials is superb. Randall Trzaska, 6th semester St. George's University student. April, 2011.
  4. This course was a great way to learn about the many things that can go wrong with veterinary practice where staff members are not crossing their "t's" and dotting their "i's". I found ALL of the information extremely useful for my position as Hospital Director... I think that every person in the veterinary industry should be required to view the modules relating to medical records as well as the "Paw and Order" video so that we can hammer home the extreme value of accurate record keeping and be respectful of lab testing procedures and client communications. Kim Burrus, VHMA CVPM Candidate, Hospital Director at Cairo Animal Hospital. Highland Park, IL. May, 2011

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