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About Us:

VetICE is the leading internet course exchange site for veterinary schools, veterinary technician schools and related disciplines. Our goal is to be your first, and last, stop in your search for high quality online veterinary focused courses.

VetICE, LLC Mission

VetICE, LLC is reducing the costs of veterinary medical education by providing faculty and students access to high-quality, engaging, Internet-based courses and learning materials, authored by leading faculty in a variety of animal health disciplines. This unprecedented model fosters faculty engagement, resource sharing, and educational innovation in veterinary medical education.

VetICE was formed to help veterinary schools face today's unique educational challenges. We understand how difficult it is to meet your student's education needs while balancing the costs of hiring new faculty. VetICE has developed a unique model of course sharing that will suit your institutional needs. Become a member and help decide which courses are developed while getting substantial discounts. Join and see how cost-effective and easy it is to incorporate one of our courses into your curriculum.